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Electric Heating Knee Pads

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Electric Heating Knee Pads
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1. Easy to use, power can be used at home, travel, office can be used
2. Using carbon fiber heating wire, heat faster, more secure
3. Far-infrared heating with a constant temperature
Can effectively alleviate the arthritis, cold legs, etc.
4.Long-term use can effectively repair body problems.
5.Heating therapy can effectively enhance the knee strength, promote blood circulation, the auxiliary effect of varicose veins,pain relief.

Voltage: 220V/50hz
color: blue and red
Heating temperature: 40-60 degrees Celsius

How To Use:
1.Connect the plug to the local power supply.
2.Put on your knee or the leg part that you want therapy,sticky, fixed.
3.Turn on the power switch.
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